Stuck to the unwanted sites on your first page of Google search, want to block them at all, here u’re at right Article. Many time i got the feedback on my Facebook Page that people don’t get the correct result and gets in with some irritating sites that have sales offer or click offer and sometime they even gift you free worm/viruses.

What if you get some of these websites in your most of the search result and your content is never related to that website. For the same reason, to provide the better and relevant result and making the Google search better, Google has launched a new way for Google Chrome user.

You can easily make this work in your Google chrome and Google will log that website and will improve the search result from coming time.
For getting this on your Google Chrome, you first need to install Personal Block list (By Google).

After this, you need to restart the Google chrome browser, some time it can work just after installing.

From the next time, whenever you search anything on the Google,
You will notice a blue link after each search result on the Google search page.

All you have to do is to click on the link, and from nest time Google will not show that website in your search result.
Please don’t forget, this is your personal list of blocked site.
This simply means that when you will go to new computer, you may see that site in your search result again.
For avoiding this and making this to your personal setting to global setting, don’t forget to Sync the Chrome data and application from your old computer to new one.

Sync your chrome and stay personal

Not only this, you can always check for the sites that are blocked, and also enter the new domain or pattern in it for make it work. For this you have to click on the Personal block list icon from Google chrome toolbar. After this you can easily ensure and click on the site you see on your Google search.

Don’t forget to comment on your views, which website you think makes most hindrance in your search.

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