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This year Microsoft really had a great time with two major product announcements, in CES 2012 we heard about Windows 8 and here in summer Microsoft’s CEO steve ballmer has finally announced Microsoft Office 2013, and new dimension is included in the new version of office, so The Official Name is Microsoft Office 365.

Unlike any previous version of office, Microsoft have Included many new features with same ribbon look interface and i personally liked it too much. Let’s see one by one what you are going to get in Office 365.

What is Office 365?

According to Microsoft’s Website, it’s basically secure, anywhere accessible, cloud supported IM and video chat integrated and easy file sharing version of Office.
Microsoft Office 365 have added many new features that best suit for wider class of user and they don’t have to equipped with any special skill.

The Reason for Choosing the Office 365

Easy Setup get started in few Minute for your work
No additional skill required, use integrated office tools for all your need
Go Mobile get access with all your Mobile Windows Device.
Offline and Online work on any files.
Safer from Virus

Features of Office 365

What’s for your office?

Your Office with Office 365
With Office 365 you get
When you combine office with Office 365 you will get
In classic office you have tools like Word, Excel, Powers point, Outlook etc .
IM with Video conferencing
Administration easier and secure than ever.
 Share file inside your office or outside.
Professional Email support totally based on cloud.
All features of office
All features of office 365
Freedom to edit the document with your colleagues from anywhere in the world ( as we faced in Google Drive/Docs )
IM/Audio/Video communication around the globe.
More to focus on work, less on technology.

File sharing with Office 365

Access your files from anywhere stored on your cloud and computer, not only this, edit file easily with your colleagues while chatting with them.
Additional features you will love
·         Access your files from anywhere: always easy to access the updated Word Document, excel sheet, Power point presentation and keep those update from anywhere.
·         Share them with one you like to: invite your friends, your team, your customers to access those files online with customised access type
·         Keep your team synced:  Communicate with team with latest updates, team performance and new ideas from one place, also update your blog and wikis with simple way
·         Store and organised your office file easily, get 10 GB space for your organisation plus 500 MB per user.
·         Team management: share your new task, calendars, document with the latest update in real time also manage the permission on each files on the cloud
·         Keep your contacts wider with the info available on Social network, share files and with them and manage the file stored on your site.

Website with Office 365

It’s time to fly with your brand online that too without need of any mark-up language, you can save 1000s of bucks by making your website yourself and do it exactly you want.
  • Create live and effective website with easy hands: No special skill required, use the easy to use office interface and the ready to use template
  • You can use your own domain name to manage and do all the offline work for your website and easy upload them all.
  • Free website hosting in office 365 will help you to save lots more bucks and you can easily update those websites and publish the new pages always for free.
  • With easy to use online tools no designing required and publish your ready website in seconds.

Mobile your office

With new office 365 you can easily keep your office mobile and access them from almost all type of mobile device on different platform. We can summarize those all features on the table below.
Email Sync
Calendar sync
Contact sync
Access Document and share
Edit Documents
PPT over internet
Remotely Wipe data

Mail and calendar on the GO

With office 365, your power for sharing the calendar, tasks and always online to check your email on almost all your devices are available. We can summarise them as.
  • Email for all your Need:  important Emails up to 25 GB per user
  • Access important mails from all your devices with instant update. In case if you have lots your device, you can easily wipe all your data to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Share your calendars with other and choose easily how you want to show them.
  • Having Domain for Emails: Access them too, on your device.
  • Easiest Administrative tool: Create new user in few seconds and even Recover all data of deleted user within 30 days
  • Block the spam and server management on cloud, Ads free mail with costume antivirus integration for attachment.

Meeting with Office

Microsoft office 365 offers to allow you to contact with whole team, social network and remote office with easy to use handy tools. Lets see how?
  • Connect from anywhere: find friends ,TL, contact with Peer to peer PC anywhere on the map.
  • Using your Computer for Call: PC-to-PC calling, Connect with audio and video to any other Lync user.
  • Instantly get the status update to see who is online and set your status what people sees.
  • Saving your travel cost, Microsoft office provides you online meeting with audio and video calls with more than 250 participants at a time
  • Immediately connect with your friends, co-worker, boss and team with real time Instant messaging.
  • Share your files desktops and allow other to share with team, see the details and list of all the participants in your meeting and many more

And Office Web apps

Office web apps allow you to do more with your document at the time, as already discussed some features, here are full.

  • Work with advance office with the same skill as you used in earlier version, save docs to cloud and edit them whenever you want.
  • Global cloud Access: Get anywhere access to your document, sharing and updating them all.
  • Work with team on the go: with accessing the docs remotely, you can work on the same docs in real time with your co-workers
  • All the documents will be fully compatible with all the office as well as office 365 and web apps.
Also you can Try office for free

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