USB device has made hot transfer medium of data among us and we always need to select the option for safety removing it, this really takes our little time and sometime USB drive just take so long time to prepare itself for Removing. The entire USB device now a day’s comes with the inbuilt features that it can be set for quick removal from the computer after copying or just after finishing the operation. So let’s see how you can do this in easy four step onetime setup process for just expense of little performance.

Setting up USB for quick removal

Step 1
Hit Windows Logo and type Device managerand select the device manager from the list or simply use it in run command.
Step 2
Open the Sub part of the Disk drives on the Device list and Look for your USB drive and double click on it.

Step 3
A New property window will be pop up, now open the Policies tab.
Step 4
Now make sure that you have selected the Quick Removal (Default) option and hit Ok

And you have selected the option that will stop writing the cache on the device or windows which makes sure that your device is not in use when no operation is going on.

Selecting this option doesn’t mean that you can snatch the drive in the middle of the moving/copying/or playing operation. When these operations will be finished, LED in the USB will stop blinking and you can easily remove the USB drive then.