And finally OS X Mountain lion is here on sale. If you are one of Fan of Apple or simply want to play with the new OS, you will defiantly get this or i say you have this. You can view more than 200 new features on the website and this really makes OS X Mountain lion much much special.

All the new release of products always been too exiting for Apple family and now OS X Mountain Lion doesn’t have any special case too. This OS is now available on apple store for $ 19.99. Let’s see how you can upgrade or install this new Wild.

How to Upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion

If you are already using any of the Apple distribution here are 3 steps you can opt for Upgrading.
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Make sure that your Mac can run Mountain lion.
Your Mac Must be
  • iMac (2007 or newer)
  • MacBook  (2008 Aluminium )
Make sure that you have Lion or latest version of snow Leopard.
If you are on the Lion 10.7.x or
You are ready to upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion
Download Mountain lion from the Apps store.
Open the Apple store to buy this new OS, or If you don’t have Broadband connection, visit to nearest apple store to get this.
Before thinking or proceeding for upgrade, you have to check the Apple’s How to upgrade Web page.
Here are list of eligible Apple OS for upgrade

Upgrading to OS X Mountain Lion direct from Macs

First of all check all the eligibility for installing the os and if your version is not supported first we suggest you to update them

And now you are ready to Download the from Apple store. Follow the instruction on the Apple store and buy it first, after that start download. This whole file ISO will be of more than 4 GB so you have to wait a little more time for downloading it. As suggested earlier, you can directly buy from apple store.

Installing OS X mountain Lion

Step 1
When you have completed the Download, you will find the option for Install OS X Mountain lion in application folder.
Click and open it to enter the new World of OS.

Step 2
Proceed and you’ll see the welcome like screen, click Continue.

Step 3
On the next screen you can see the option to agree the licence agreement, Click on Agree to proceed further.

Step 4
In this section the installer will search and find the Boot drive of previous Mac also called Macintosh HD, you can select this partition if you wish to continue installing on same partition 

else secte Show Disk and select the different partition and Proceed.
Step 5
Now a small install task will be performed and will take hardly 2-4 minute followed by restart option there, click on restart to continue.

Step 6
 Now your computer will be restart and installation will be going for more than 35 minute depends upon your computer hardware configuration.

When installing will be finished, your Mac will restart again for second time, let it be.

Your installation is almost done
Now check for the pop up if any message regarding incompatibility is shown,

Now Login to iCloud with your Apple ID and password and this will sync your data from iCloud as per your selection.

Update all the incompatible software if prompt.
And you are ready to play with new OS X Mountain Lion.

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