Create own Chrome Theme : Intelligent computing 

Before this, you must have gone through the Chrome web apps store and spent lots of time in searching the stylish or your own theme for your Google chrome and probably you had compromised many time. You were just handicapped and totally dependent on the Chrome web store. Some of you may even thought this require hard coding or have to create it on web apps. But today you are free with your creativity and ready to make and share your own customise theme for Google Chrome.

Make your chrome theme in 3 step

Google have recently launched the Apps on Google chrome Web store named My Chrome Theme, it allows you to create and share extremely personalised theme.
This application mainly work in three easy steps
1.    Importing the Image from your hard drive or taking the photo from your webcam.
Create own Chrome Theme : Intelligent computing

2.    Adding the colours to the Frames, Tabs background tab and title bar.
Create own Chrome Theme : Intelligent computing

3.    Name your theme, install it and share your theme with unique link.
Create own Chrome Theme : Intelligent computing

Whenever you will open the ‘My chrome theme’ next time, your theme will be appear there,
Keep in mind the photo you are uploading will be stored on Google server and thus you should have proper copyright of the image and size of the image should not exceed more than 5 MB.
Download and install the application now and start your creativity and give totally personal look to your Google chrome.
Download and Install My ChromeTheme Now.