Block Image on Specific Site : Intelligent Computing

Sometimes image seems to be very irritating when you are browsing the chrome with your slow connection and specially when you don’t need the images on the site you are browsing. Like if you are reading story, and image appears in between to divert you. Sometime just waiting for the whole text to download and you have to save the text not image, again then and sometime from specific site which offer totally irrelevant image that you don’t bother. And blocking the images on the site will defiantly fasten the downloading speed of those sites.

Google chrome offers you to display the images from the sites and even block them, not only this
You can even block the images from the specific site or the similar domains whenever you want.
Let’s see how you have to configure this
Step 1
Open the Google Chrome and open the setting either by selecting Wrench menu from corner of the screen or just type
chrome://chrome/settings/ in your chrome Address bar

Step 2
At the bottom of the page, click on advance setting link.
Step 3
In privacy heading, select content setting.

Step 4
Now find the image option and select the manage exception option there.

Step 5
Now Enter the Site name/URL and select the exception type, Allow/Block to Block, and save all and done

This small trick can help you a lot in many ways like
For browse the sensitive topic without displaying the images,
For fasten the download speed of the site, where you don’t need images.
For simply ignore the Ads having images.