Advantage of  Creating HDD partition : Intelligent Computing

If you are having a mid range PC or laptop, you must be using spinning Magnetic hard disk drive for storing your data. Your Hard disk size probably varies from 250 GB to 750 GB and even more up to few terabytes. Many of the users don’t bother to create more than 2 or 3 partition and just push all kind of data inside the same which may include the Music, videos, Personal photos and office related important documents.

It’s really very impractical habit to push all your data on few drive and it also decrease your hard disk speed as well as seek time. You will not be able to find the data and even your indexing service won’t work too fast as you need the file. Here i am going to tell you why you should avoid this method and create multiple partition and see how you going to get the power of computing.

Few types of partition exist which are
Primary partition
Secondary partition
Physical partition
Logical partition

5 Reason why you should avoid using a fewer partition

1.    Creating single partition for all the data will lead to deeper reach to the folder and number of sub directory increases, resulting in the delay of search and seek time to the data will be higher.
2.    In case if your hard disk become fragmented with the data, you will have to spend lots of time every time to defragment your hard drive again your most of the time will be eat up and it will be almost downtime for you.
3.    Suppose are having only two drive say Local disk C: and Local disk D: ; C drive having your operating system and you stores all data in D, in case hard disk gets error due to corrupt sector and need to be checked for error; at that moment you cannot access any of the file/programmes music videos or any urgent files on D drive and those error may affect you all file type in that drive.
4.    You cannot install multiple operating systems on the Computer because C drive will be overloaded and installing the second OS on Drive where all your data exist, chances of slow down as well as locking your most of the hard drive space due to OS file on D drive, this will make most of the space on D drive unusable.
5.    And most scary part is here. It is not possible to take the backup of almost 200-500 GB drive and suppose due to excess of error your computer prompt you to format the Disk D? You will not be left with any other option, even backup but to dump all your data on the main usable drive D.
You can avoid all this by spending 15 minute with your computer, all you need is a little planning of the type of data you are about to store, estimate size of the data and number of partition you want to create.
On most of the computer people used to store Music/Videos/Movies/Photos/Project Related data/ Documents/ eBooks/ software/ and some backups. Right?

How can you plan data storage on partition and their size

Assuming the user is using Windows 7 as the OS which need maximum of 40-50 GB for properly running along with all the drivers office and other software. Songs and videos can be placed in 50-100 GB of different drive, movies can be placed in 150-200 GB of drive, your Photos will not occupy more then 25-30 GB even if you are a hard core photographer. Additionally 50-80 GB space will be enough for all your Software including all office music videos and ISOs of different software and even can store ISO of games which you can mount to play the Games [See how]. Your projects or your personal work can be lead a 40-50 GB space and can include your phone backup and all. You can create 30 GB approximately drive for your Documents. And a backup drive of rest space of 50-100 GB.
So you planned your data for your 500 GB drive and you got to the position where your hard disk partition will look like
Partition name
Size (GB)
Used for
Local Disk C:
Windows 7
Local Disk D:
Songs (Audio/Videos)
Local Disk E:
Software and Games
Local Disk F:
Personal (Docs/phone backup/eBooks/project)
Local disk G:
Photos (Wallpaper/personal)
Local Disk H:
For other OS
Local disk I:
For mixed file type
Local disk J:
It’s just an blueprint, you can customize your choice as per your need and one thing more,
Don’t think it look wired, its look smarter that all your data are organised and safe.

Advantage of having multiple partitions

       Easily Defragment your drive within few minute
       Error checking on a drive won’t make you stare at your desktop, you can continue working on data of other partition.
       Backing up the whole drive to Backup drive is easy of you need to format the one drive (you can backup all file at once to other drive or simply first half to one and rest to another drive).
       Installing the new OS will be so safe and it will not going to affect your data.
       You can easily search for files and folder manually either on individual drive or by Indexing.
You can opt this with little effort or when next time you need to format all the hard disk or buying new PC/laptop. First create the drives and then put data accordingly.

Hope you got what actually i want to deliver, i myself having 10 Drive on my Laptop with 500 GB HDD and its very easy to manage the hard disk without any risk. Any more reasons or questions you have? Feel free to comment/Post here or on our Facebook page