Portability or mobility of application are the concept of Application and their new orientation of files such that it doesn’t not need to have to stuck with any operating system at the time of installation when you need to use it.

Every one of us doesn’t have laptops or tablets for using those apps elsewhere. But if you are using a public computer like in your college/friends PC or simply on cybercafé. There you don’t have Administrator right to install those all time needy application like Google chrome, Skype or PDF reader like Foxit reader. In this article am going to tell you how you can grab those most usable windows application that you can put into your USB stick and use it on any computer without installing them at all.
We shall discuss all those apps which are basically for Windows 7

Skype Portable

No need to introduce to this one loved free audio/video calling application for Windows/Mac/Linux user. People worldwide use Skype to get the benefit of VoIP. Skype is free utility that can be downloaded from Skype dot com but here you can download the Free and latest version of portable Skype. Download PortableSkype which will take approximately 20-25 MB.

Google Chrome portable

Google Chrome is Worldwide used powerful browser by Google. Not only Browsing, but also the adorable extension, minimal look, clear interface, and much more than any other browser makes Google chrome stand above all. For the power user it feels really handicapped when you are given a computer having IE 7/IE8 or similar or any other browser that will mist your browsing experience. For the same Reason Google chrome portable apps are available in market for free to download and use it on any computer without installing it. Download Portable Google chrome here.

Portable Foxit Reader

Most of the public computers, say college lab computer or your friend’s, don’t have PDF reader installed on it. It’s really frustrating if you are with a blank file that you don’t have any value until you get a PDF reader. Adobe reader is too heavy to download. Foxit reader are really very light weight and multi functional reader which support bookmarking, edit the eBooks, marking/highlighting/even taking the snapshot of the image or any area on the PDF. You can get it in portable version here.

GIMP Portable

Just like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP is another and one of the most popular Image editing and stabilizing tool available free. It’s not easy to carry Photoshop and need for modification of image may be arise anywhere. So you need to have this powerful tool approximate of 50-60 MB, inside your USB stick whenever you are moving for other PC for use them. Download Portable GIMP here.

Portable ‘YouTube Downloader HD’

Got on public PC and found any amazing video on YouTube? You wish to download but you are not at your own pc equipped with your download tool? Here comes YouTube downloader Portable for you. Download your favourite YouTube videos in HD format and even in small efficient FLV file too. Download YouTube Downloader HD in portable form here.

Thunderbird Portable

If you don’t find this, you will defiantly going to miss it. A popular E-mail Apps for your computer to deliver you best mail management with your own personalised form. You need to carry this in your USB stick after you have got it. Download and get this Right now

Notepad ++ portable

Those geeks who love to play with code and code, Notepad plus is defiantly awesome application for viewing, code files like C/C++/Java/PHP/HTML/CSS/XML etc in exact way they need. Notepad++ is free to download for windows and for portable devices too. Download Notepad++ portable here.
And what more is

Recuva portable

Suppose you are working on somebody else PC and by mistake you have deleted a file their. You know you can recover it quickly by Recuva [See How to]. But if you don’t have administrator privilate to install the software, you are in trouble no doubt.
Carrying the recuva in your USB will defiantly be blessing in such situation. So don’t delay, just download the portable Recuva for your USB now.

We tried to cover the best possible Portable apps in this article, if you think some apps are missing which is more essential, let us know by commenting here or Post to our Facebook Page