As Google is planning, new power user don’t need any else bunch of software on their PC. Just one Google chrome browser and all worlds inside itdefiantly true quotes I got somewhere. That’s what Google planned when chrome was launched. Being Open source and Powerful free browser by Google, Google chrome has many aspects that set the chrome totally above then the other entire browser like Safari, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox.

Yes the Wide support for Extension within the browser. Chrome is just not a Browser but also provide a wider platform for all day to day need application. In this post i am going to discuss top 5 must to have application on the entire chrome browser, especially for Power user.
Let’s get for those 5 Applications inside the Google Chrome

1.     Screen Capture (by Google)

Isn’t it so boring when you decide to share the screen with your friends like the piece of web page or anything on the web, you first have to bring that area in front, Press Print screen button, Paste the image in Paint (or similar) application and crop if you need to, save them and then upload it to Facebook, Twitter?
Now focusing on the speed of your Computing Screen capture is a Extension which will directly save the entire screen or selected area to PC as well as share to Facebook, Twitter or Mail to buddy directory with few clicks. For normal as well as power user must have this app, its small in size and you can use it anytime after you have installed it in chrome. Install it from here

2.     Read Latter Fast

What when you are looking for some quick suggestion and searched from Google and got 4-5 great result but don’t have much time to read them all, This apps will provide the facility to go for the Option Read Latter and your article/Web page will be saved for offline reading and after you get the time, you can open the application and read all your article in beautiful interface. Not only this, it also sync items from other devices like Android and iOS. Install this Application from here

3.     Xmark

No doubt Google chrome sync the Bookmarks/extensions/themes/username/password/ from the entire device using Google chrome. What if you are using variety of browser like Mozilla and safari etc? Xmark is application that allows you to sync your bookmark/history and other minor detail which will be beneficial to all user and for the wider range of browser and making them personalised. You can sync them right now after installing this from here.

4.     AdBlock Plus

Most of the website makes their money from advertising, but advertisement may irritate many of us because of lots of flashing animation, unwanted Popups, Advertise on YouTube Videos are worst in my opinion. AdBlock Plus is then for all of us. It blocks the Banner, flash, swf, Youtube ads and Pop ups. This not only make your browsing much relevant but also saves lots of data to download and keep your computer free from viruses. You can stop the ads by installing from here. If you wish to get the ads back, AdBlock Plus allow you to configure to show ads on specific sites.

5.     StayFocused

Do you think you are too addicts to Facebook,twitter or any other social networking sites? Stay focused is the apps that will control the amount of time you spent on these sites. On such configured time, it will not let you to open Facebook or other such sites. No, you don’t have to worry for holidays or weekends. This will let you configure those special dates and time as exception. You can download and install it to your Google chrome from here