Sometime you might be used multiple OS on your machine and sometime instead of uninstalling them some of you just Format the drive of additional OS and it no doubt remove all the OS component from the system but a thing left behind is the Boot loader that you face at the start-up of the computer. When you start-up the PC you may face those for irritating options. I too had faced it and got almost 6 option there including Windows 7, Windows 8 Dev preview, Ubuntu, Linux mint, Linux mint and Linux Mint. It was really so irritating at that time, but i did some digging in my Windows 7 and found the solution and in this post i am going to tell you the same.

I am going to tell you two different method.
First method is you can delete the entry from the Boot manager and
Second one is to Hide and start the windows or any OS directly without showing the options to select the boot.

How to delete the unnecessary Boot choice

So you are facing this problem and its easy few step process.

open the start menu and type CMD there and Run it as administrator
Your Command prompt will be open as Administrator

Now Type the following command there
Bcdedit (Boot Configuration Detail Edit and Hit Enter)
You will notice the following screen

Now you can see you will see all the details of the OS and details of the Boot.
First paragraph is for all over boot configuration and rest each paragraph is for the one boot menu.
Here i had already removed all extra option so you can see only two options there.
Now search for the OS for which you want to remove the entry and look for the identifier and a long alpha numeric value like this {h76df767f67d65-df5fffff-gfgfd434fhgh-6776ghgdsdghg}
Right click on the screen and select the Mark and select the identifier and Hit the Enter to copy the item or entry of the identifier like same as copying the text and Hit enter to Copy the entry

Now on the CMD
Type the following
Bcdedit /delete(right click and) press the identifier.
(You will not be able to see the entry but it will be pasted)

Now just Hit the Enter and you are done!
See you will notice the following

It’s Done!
Now i am going to tell you how you can set the Default OS and more then that

How to select the Default OS to load

It even easier.
Go to Desktop
Press [Win]+R – for RUN
Type    sysdm.cpl and hit enter

Go to Advance Tab and Select setting from Start-up and Recovery field.

There you will get the option for default OS its time selection and all you can set it as per your choice.

Have rocking time Geeks,
Comment your option if you know more about this.