Sometimes Windows get full of such files like that of Autorun and many other files that are just useless and seem quite irritating.
When you wanted to delete it Computer refuse to delete showing you message that “Access is denied” or “File is currently in use” and many other reasons. But actually what you find is no path is there even in task manager so you can identify the programme or any application that have opened these files.
But one thing is sure these files eat up your Computers Performance and RAM use. Hard Disk space is too involved but that you may not care about.
In this article i have covered 3 tools how to delete such files. And there may be possibility that these files are Virus or Malware or any other unwanted thread that may cause internet Bandwidth lowering and many more problems.

Use task manager to delete Undeletable file:

You can use the Windows Task manager to Delete such Files. In next few step see how you can go on.
Start The Task manager by Taping [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Del] or [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[Esc] key.
In Process tab Search for the Explorer.exe thread. And End the task by pressing [Delete] and confirm it.
Don’t get Panic if you see the Windows and taskbar get Disappear. It’s temporary.
Now Start New Task and Type the ‘Command’ there. Command Prompt will be open
You can see there %Root%:user%username% Type the Directory where your file is located example

There Type the full path of the File you want to delete.
Once you got the folder location example D:/Foldername/foldername2/
Now Type ‘Del’ followed by the filename.extention
Example ‘Del Autorun.inf’
File will be deleted then.
 Now Exit the Prompt by typing Exit and Hit Enter.
Now back to the task manager. In new Task type Explorer.exe and press Enter
You can see the Windows and taskbar appears again.

Delete an undeletable file using Windows Recovery Console.

Windows Recovery console help the end user to recover your windows from unwanted fatal or crashes during the use. For using windows recovery console you need the Windows Setup CD/DVD and you must have administrator Right for using your Windows. Let’s Start with it.
Insert the Windows Disk in tray and Start RUN.
In RUN window Type the following Path
%Directory% is the CD/DVD Directory.
Windows Setup Dialogue box will appear containing some information about the setup. Simply Click Yesand proceed.
Installation will complete automatically and windows will restart after a while.
On startup select the windows recovery console and proceed.
Keep patient while windows copies some files to the computer.
After this if you have single windows then press 1 else select the drive from where you wants to start windows.
When next time windows will restart windows Recovery Console Will Automatically start.
Use this to navigate to file and delete it simply.

Download Unlocker to delete Undeletable file.

Unlocker is free toll that help you to get rid of the thread that using the file you can unlock the file and do the things you want. Like delete or Move it.

Install it in your system and navigate to the files and find that undeletable file
Right click on it and select the unlock option and you can kill the process or simply unlock the file. And do whatever you want to do after unlocking it.
You can also use
To do the same.
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