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Every one of us are almost aware that Google is applying New Private Policy effective from today March 1, 2012. Before this Google was having almost 60+ service and almost different policy for each of those services. But from today onward Google will apply a single private policy which is available on http://www.google.com/policies/privacy/According to this policy Google is going to store your each and every click each entry and each record from the browser where you have logged on into Google account. There is lots cons and pros in this matter.In this post I am going to tell you what you should opt to keep your privacy alive and Enjoy the new policy as well.

For those who use internet seldom no problem there should be.
But for those who use the internet all the day Google’s new policy may hit them all. 
Many of the people using Google’s Services like Google search/Google Plus/Google Map/Google calendar/Google Talk/YouTube/ and lots more their each and every activity will be stored in Google’s Data base. From last 3 month you all must seen about the new privacy policy but the problem is who can prove this policy is privacy. Who know where our all the data all the records are going to use. It will be stored for 18 month and after that it will be deleted. Our Critical data may be misuse by Marketing competitors, Share holders, and advertising companies.

What will be stored in Google’s Database

Your telephone number/your home and office number and address.
Your contact person, their name/email address/phone numbers etc.
Porn videos and pornography seen by you.
Sent received emails their contents and attached files.
Schedules Recorded and saved in Google calendar.
Your current Location via Google Latitude by your Android Smartphone.

How will you be affected

Many Google user can Move on
Privacy first, this concept may throw Google behind.
In many countries, Legal case may be possible.

What Google Says

Google Says before this service it was almost impossible to tract the internet user if somehow they go wrong. Moreover Google Believes that this will Speed up and refine the Google searches. Before this if anyone wanted to search anything on Google, it was displayed from public services but now it will be from shared public data from all Google user.
Some people believe that it may be a business reason to stay higher in front of increasing height of Facebook.

How to stay Private then

You can still preserve the privacy in many ways up to some extent.
Tweak your browser.

Google Chrome:

Turn off the cookies and if any site is not opening due to this reason. You can turn on the cookies but make sure you did setting for deleting the cookies while exiting.
Log in and log out. Do not keep log in to a system.
There is private surfing option in Google Chrome. Go to Setting icon on the end of the Address bar and select New Incognito Windows. New windows will be open that will be fully private.
You can also disable the Many of the setting that send the server your click details your surfing detail. You can visit Chrome Secrete Tips Page to know more and adjust accordingly.

Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer you can set the cookies handling to the private mode.
To do that
Open Internet Explorer
            Go to tools
                        Select Internet Options
                                    Privacy tab
Check the Override Automatic Cookies Handling.
Select Block the first and third parties cookies there.
And Select Always Allow.
Apply it and Click Ok
To Open Private Page::
Go to Tools > Safety > In Private Browsing

In Mozilla Firefox

You can turn the privacy option Select the ‘Use Costume Setting for History’ and also remove the Accept the cookies from Site option.
Keep clearing your cookies and Select Block Site from setting the any data.
For Private Browsing In Firefox
Go to Tools > Start Private Browsing.

What to perform at Google’s End

Go to Google.com/History and delete the History as well as turn off the History If it shows you turn off.
Also See More at Google.com/Dashboard to view what data is saved there.
One more thing you can do is
Go to
Www.DataLibration.org and Select Google to View What Data is saved on Google and you can import those and delete those from Google.
Till Now I have this much solution for you whatever we will get for making you safe from any online thread will tell you. How you feel now? Be safe. Have Happy browsing With Google. See you. Send me FeedBack too.
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