Hi World

Today I was doing some correction in my chrome browser and I was stuck somewhere and what was the problem, it will be useless to tell you but I was shocked that I have found almost 200+ pages inside of Google chrome that you never be aware about.
So I decided to share it from you all. As I found I opened each and every pages, studied as much I could and realyy shocked.

If I start to tell you it will really drains post length but I will keep you telling all about this in my further coming post too.
If you are curios then there is lots for you and even biggest hacking you can do from your Chrome.

Thank you for getting in.
Now I am going to tell you some of the links that you have to type in the chrome browser than voila you will be in front of many hidden chrome secretes.

Secrete Chrome URLs and Pages

To view the Installed apps and the space occupied by all of them and component and files that installed by them.

Type   chrome://appcache-internals/
See the Bookmark Folder and subfolder and bookmark stored inside the chrome
Type   chrome://bookmarks/
See the details of the cache of the browser and secure data inside the chrome.
View the History of Crashes of your chrome browser and report them to the developer team
View the History and list of Download in the chrome browser. Also by Tapping [Ctrl] + [J] or
View the list of extensions installed in your chrome browser. And Important View the Image Below

In the image above you can see the checkbox that having label ‘Allow in incognito’. If you wish that these extention should not trace your data you tick it on. J
View the Details of the Flash installed in your chrome browser.
Start tracing your Chrome Browser.
View the Internal Graphic Processer details and optimize and proofing the browser.
View the HTTP Cache and all the cache recorded in browser’s port no 80.
Sometime you type a letter in chrome and chrome start suggesting the address of the website. View the details of those letters and hit you made using those letters and accuracy.
View all the chrome tracking data in your Google chrome browser.
View the details of the Conflicts made in your chrome browser and resolving data and Mine whatever you can.
View the task Running in the Chrome browser.
Record and view the network event and many more functioning. Have look image below or simply
Type   chrome://net-internals/

View the Usage and Quota Database Browser and all other details of the quota in your browser’s integrated function
View the details of the plug in installed in your chrome browser and alter/modify the functioning of all of them.
For the time it’s sufficient and on the next post I will post some more ultimate page and functioning of the Google chrome. Hope you all liked it and will find it useful for your educational and functional purpose. See you world. Comment your suggestions and like us on our facebook page