Hello everyone!
 Today I am here with a trick so that you can create your own customize file with own icon own logo and own License agreement.
For that you have to Download free software WinRar most of the people must using it for compression but if u don’t have then
DOWNLOAD it by Clicking Here
And install it.
Now Do as follow……

Step 1
1.       Select the No of File that you want to include in the setup. Like here shown in VLC media player there is only one exe file and in other you have to include all the files in the setup folder and execute only the setup.exe or install.exe.

    step 2
 Now Right click after selecting you will get the compression option select Add to Achieve. 

Step 3
1.       In new dialog box Enter the archieve name and select the compression method as best (this will be slower but it will minimie the file size). And  check create the SFX archieve.

Step 4
Now go to Advance tab and select the SFX option as shown in image.
New dialouge box will appear now your work start….
Step 5
   Select the modes tab and do the following check the Unpack to Tem folder option(optional you can even define the folder in another tab). Give the Name of optional question and type the desired question. Select the radio button of Desplay all and proceed.

Step 6
 Now go to text and icon tab-> give the name of the SFX window type the text in the window for license agreement or even load the text from file.

Step 7
1.       Select the SFX logo and SFX icon as shown icon as ico and logo as BMP file. Similarly go to license tab and Repeat the procedure.

Step 8
1.       In module tab select the GUI version and now go to setup tab.

Step 9
 MOST IMP: enter the filename to be run after extraction with extension of the file.

Step 10
You are done click OK and again OK your file will be start Archiving and try to run and see. If anything Not going alright follow the help manual.

You can use this for own file distribution specially college projects and any software for fun and prank with your friend J

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