Being busy i was not able to interact with you through my blog and latest post
Today As i promised you i brought ways that if you have deleted the data by mistake you can recover it Now!

but i don’t like spoon feeding, so i’m going to tell you the concept behind the door.
Lets Tell you how the

Deletion works:

While writing the data to the disk a separate data is writing as reference called index.
Whenever we look for a file we just show the index file and while opens we got to reffed to the original file location.
But when we delete the data or Format the Disk partition(Enabling Quick Format only) the Data originally does not gets deleted and just index is deleted keeping the data at their original location untill we overwrite the same space with another data.
so here we go with 

Condition For Recovery

  • The data You Are looking for must be large and should have a programme to open this.
  • The partition you have Formatted should not be overwritten with any other file.
  • Even Don’t Try To Restart the PC and
  • The Sooner you Try the Better percentage of recovery you get.
This Site Does not have any Guarantee for 100% result.

Let’s Start with

  • Download the Recovery Client or Go to and search for Recuva!
  • Done?
  • Now
  • Install the Client on your Hard disk
  • Note: Don’t Install it to you partition where you have to recover.
  • Now Run the Software and select for the Location and File type.
  • For Best Result Enable Deep Scanning..
  • You will get the list of file you have Deleted
  • Name may not be the Same but look for Deletion date, Size and File Type,
  • Recover the file in good condition
  • On Selecting choose recover and put the recovered data on some another drive.
  • a Few Minute will consume to Write the Index of this file means you have done!:)
See a video How to Do this

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