Hi Friends!
Good To See you again…
Soon i am going to Be with you Regularly

Most Of the user Makes your computers most use in your Daily Routine..
You May Be faced problems like Hanging your Windows, Restarting your Windows, And Software And data access taking more time and eating up your mind and all your interest…
so Now You Don’t Have to worry about this..

So you just need to be careful about your hardware and software as well..
You must be equipped with the Slandered configuration to survive in this world of Windows Seven and Google Chrome..
Recommended Configuration That you must be follow:
Processor: Intel Pentium Or more with speed at least 2.0Ghz
RAM: 1 GB or +
HDD: 160 GB or More
Windows: 32/64 Bit
Graphic card On board but at least 500 MB of RAM
Sound Card on board and at least 2.1 channel
If u full fill this or not you can try these tips in both case..

  1. First Be careful about your Hardware: Your Hardware should be Clean from Dust and moist.
  2. Regularly Clean Your Keyboard Mouse TFTs and slots of your cabinets with soft cloths.
  3. In a month Open Your Cabinet Do it if you ever opened it or do it in guidance of your expert friends. and Clean the Dust from the Motherboard and Open the RAM and clean and Reset it .
  4. Check the Wiring of the Hardware and not dust particle is lying or blocking the  circuit.
  5. You Can Use the Pen and Blow a air to Remove Dust.
  6. USE UPS of good quality and backup according to the power required for this.
  7. Never turn Off the PC without shutting it Down.
  8. Try to Replace the Old Parts and look for the latest as per your PC compatibility.
  9. Try To install At lest 3 fan one for SMPS another for Processor and third one for Cabinet.
  10. Look for Best brand and service for Your PC.