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Hey everyone out there, this amazing post is info-graphic and contains good points to cover a great collection of tips and tricks for newbie as well as on the way Web developer and designer.

Web Development is awesome, you app/website is instantly visible to everyone on web. There are 100s of factor that your site can drown or fly up. From choosing colors to significance of logo placement, every pixel matters.
I myself being developer understand these prospective very much and thus I want to share this to you. These 51 Amazing must to know web design tips you can work on each point and I am assuring you, you will be doing great soon.
This 51 Website design tips contain mainly following aspects:
1.    Design
2.    User Experience (UX)
3.    Content
4.    Development
5.    Future
6.    And things not to do while doing all these


Design is first impression, what your site represent and what content is there, along with who are audience of your site, you have to be great at designing of your website.

User experience

Navigation, logo placement, ads placement, article length, sidebar and its width, overall blog width, elements and their feel, everything sums up in user experience,  basically these things what user experience on your site and says good or bad, but they won’t be able to explain you, Why?


“Content is king”
Everywhere I get to know this. Tough lots and lots of webmasters out there just work for ranking their site higher in Google and making more money out of their visits, I follow google’s rule, Content should be first for User, you , yes you reading this article even its info graphic, post ahead. I just wanted to connect with you, that Is important for me, to talk to my audience. When user connects to a site, its more then any money made by site admin and eventually Google will get to know about your goodness soon, just need to do great at content.
Yes not to forget, things matters, like keywords, description to users, not only text content, but Images, videos, and everything else that user would love.


This is second step, once you have planned for your site design and requirement research is done, make things faster, arranged content and use great and latest technologies at server end, so that, user don’t bother about anything else but the content/design that you are going to present to them.


Never ever think it is done, nobody does it, audience soon will get bored with older design and technology and since hardware software improving day by day, so you need to make and present latest and coolest stuff time to time. Keep upgrading.


We have lots of great technology which has replaced older buggy and heavy technology, for example HTML5 Canvas and CSS3 animation can do anything as flash. And flash is heavy binary which is red mark for your site.

So lets get started, scroll down and see tips.

Thanks to lyfemarketing.com for such amazing info graphic, I am sharing this to you, hope you like and share this post to connect and help more developers like you and become awesome.

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