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Hi web developers, and everyone, ever faced problem like how do I access or show my local website to user on internet without hosting on server? Here is solution for you that you can use temporary show your local projects to someone remotely.

You made an awesome website on local computer and you don’t have hosting, want to show website to someone remotely directly from localhost. Lets begin.
All you can do in just 5 minute, Maximum.

Download tool

For this, you have to download a simple tool which is hosted by website ngrok, what ngrok does is, it create a tunnel between your localhost using their own server and provide you a simple temporary shareable URL.

You can share this URL to anyone whom you wanted to give access to your local projects.
Just first of all start your apache and mysql or whatever module you uses on your localhost.

Download small setup for your operating system, in my case I am going to show you for windows.

Extract and run tool

Extract the zip setup file and you will find file named ngrok.exe. Open file, to avoid any error, try opening it as administrator.

Running and obtaining temporary URL

Now in command prompt like application window, start sharing your local port number 80 by typing command

Command to access localhost to remote: Intelligent computing

ngrok http 80
On next output, you will see application will connect your local system to server, and on next moment you’ll see one http and another https URL

URL to share your localhost/xampp/apache to server: intelligent computing

Share this URL and add /yourprojectname else it will open xampp by default if not configured vhost.

Bottom line

This is amazing tool that you can use for temporary purpose, on your command prompt you can also see the http request coming from remote user. Once your session is over, just press control+c to terminate tunnel and stop publishing it.

You can help many developers and your friends by sharing this post on email/facebook/twitter etc. Have fun, happy coding!