This smartpen lest you take the notes in analogue form but converts it to digital form for many purpose, a multipurpose pen with plenty of smartness and beauty is here.

There are plenty of mobile apps and desktop client available in market that lets you take a better notes on your digital device. But you yourself know, nothing beats the Hand written notes. All the researches have already shown that when you make notes with your pen it retain in mind more than any other method like typing or listening. For the same reason many students and professionals still using classic method for taking the notes on their paper instead of on the digital searchable format.

If you are handwrite lover and want to do more than just making notes also don’t want to be away from tech world. This post is especially for you to let you know something new. The fusion is here. Echo Smartpen lets you do all this, how we will discuss in this post.

While just like classic ink notes, it automatically digitalise the notes whatever you write on the paper. But magic happens now, this smarpen not only convert the written notes to digital format but also records the sound and play it for you to hear, it even can play the written words for you.

You write the notes in class after hearing the lecture, this Smartpen hears the lecture, lets you take the digital notes in analogue and classic form but it can also record the live lecture that you can listen it anytime.

How this Smartpen Works

Smartpen is basically works on specialised paper consist of thousands of dots, whatever you write on the paper, these dots will track the word written on them and even will be able to anchor them with audio. For taking the audio notes, simply press “Record” button on the pen and start writing as well as recording, in case you are not able to write anything properly while taking the notes, just tap the word on the paper, your recording at the same time will be played and you will able to correct them what exactly you have written, even make correction and write the missing word at the time. This is the basic use of the Echo smart pen,s the basic use of the Echo smart penissing word at the time. me time will be played and you will able to correct them what exc let’s discuss it ahead.


Using the Smartpen with LiveScribe Desktop Application

With the desktop application for this pen, its power and beauty goes beyond the paper and recording. The vendor of the Pen also offer the Desktop application [Download it Free]. This application bring the digitalised notes to live.
You connect the Echo smart pen to the Computer with provided micro-USB cable with it. LiveScribe will instantly sync all the written notes with associated audio with it whenever you connect this to PC. You can easily view, playback, organised the notes in file folders easily and even share them easily.
Notes that have associated audio, will appear green in colour on the desktop screen, you can even click any of the audio associated words to hear the audio of the time of note making. These are termed as “Pencasts”.


Do more with exporting the content

Now if its dgital, you must want to share this with your classmates, for doing this you can opt many ways, like
You can upload the page as well as audio to the cloud account after saving them to desktop like Dropbox, skydrive etc and share them with people you want. The desktop application lets you export the content to desktop audio or images.
To Export the Notes, Ctrl click to select the notes and Right click on the Plane, select “Send X notes to…” and select the destination you want, like evernote, Google Docs, and more, even you can print PDF pencasts in *.M4a Audio or .PNG images.
Want to export the audio, just select the Audio tab and follow the same.
You can get this from many sources

(Available in 8 GB storage and introductory in 2GB with $99.99)
More tips and tricks for using the pen will be published soon on Intelligent computing, Stay in touch

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