Picture Password in Windows 8: Intelligent Computing

Password strength are usually measured in length, number of special character used and after that face detection and voice detection were in trend, finger print reader proved to one of the best way like password. After that Microsoft Windows 8, a completely different way to authenticate the user for the log in, secure enough for normal user and easier way to go inside your Windows 8. Here let’s see how you can activate that feature in windows 8. Picture password is great option for devices like phone or Tab.

For making the feature work, you will need to copy any of one image to your Picture folder, you will need to select the three position on the image or simply specify the position of the circle and set it, at the time of the log in you will need to select the same three places/position to get authenticate and you can log in.

Step 1
Press start button and Type ‘Picture Password’ and from the search plane, select the Setting category and click on the setting.
 Step 2
Find the option Sign in from the setting and click on the Button ‘Create a picture password’
Create picture password screen : intelligent Computing

Step 3
Welcome to Picture password Screen will appear and will guide you through the process, go ahead.
Step 4
From the left plane, select the picture from My picture/images of your Windows folder and choose.
Step 5
Now you can drag picture vertically and horizontally as per your choice or simply click on ‘Use this picture’ button.
Step 6
Set up your gesturescreen will appear on the next step, one by one click on the three different gesture on the image that will be your password, remember the sequence as well as position, after this; confirm your gesture and go ahead. And finish after windows will congratulates you.
Step 7
Now close the setting windows and you are done, to check the working of the feature simply Lock the screen [See keyboard shortcuts list] by tapping [Win]+L.

Now when you will log in, you will see your picture, tap on those same three position and you will get the access. 
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