Image: Controlling media player by hand gesture : Intelligent computing
Control your Media by Hand gesture : Intelligent computing

Controlling your media player by hand gesture for playing and pause the songs video and photos are amazing experience and defiantly makes you stand higher than else.

Image sensing technologies are one of the intelligent input method that implemented in many of the computing area. Those applications are little expansive and mainly used on higher level computing. But many of the hand gesture recognition application are available that you can Download and use free.
Unlike voice recognition it work more accurate and user-friendly and you can control your music players like Windows Media Player/ iTunes/ Soptify or Winamp from the distance of even 6 feet from your computer.
What you required is the Webcam with your computer or Laptop with driver installed, means it should be working.
Step 1
First you Need to download the Required application of very small size. Download application for Windows 7 or Mac and install this application to your PC.
Step 2
After you have installed the application, the application will look for the webcam and after detection of it, application will guide you how you can control your media.
Step 3
After you have finished the tutorial, the application will be minimised to system tray.

Step 4
Now you can notice your webcam light will be glowing, means you are ready to done. It may be possible that, other webcam related application will also start. Simply ignore it and close them.
Step 5
Now launch any of the application like Windows Media Player/iTunes/Winamp/spotify. And select some songs to be played.
Step 6
Now simply put your palm in front of the webcam at the distance at least a feet far from the webcam.
You can absorb, you are now able to play/pause the music from your hand gesture and try it from little far distance, it still works. Congrats you are done.

See a video Here
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