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Making Windows7 or Windows 8 installation from your USB device is really too economic and easy just need to make it bootable by using Command prompt and ISO image of the Disk. Let see how to do that

It’s often very hectic to copy the entire DVD of windows 7 as ISO and buying a new DVD and then write the DVD to make the copy of Windows 7 bootable disk. Especially when one of your DVD is about to get scratch and again and again you are doing the same. Now a day everyone of us must having the USB flash drive of generally 2,4,8,16 GB. So here you can learn how to boot your computer from USB flash drive of minimum 4 GB.
Don’t worry i am not going to give you download link of any application that may or may not work with all type of ISO, as i also faced such problem. You can make the windows 7 bootable from just few commands in the command prompt only. All you need is the ISO or all the files or copy of DVD of windows 7 and Administrator right in your system.

Make bootable USB of Windows 7 by Command prompt (CMD)

I have assumed you have and DVD of windows 7 in your tray and a 4 GB Pen drive in one of your USB port. Backup all your pen drive data because it’s going to format :p

Insert your Pen drive and press the start button.

Type cmd and right click on it and start this with administrator right.

Now on the command prompt, type the following commands


List disk
// List disk command will generate the list of Disk connected to your computer like Hard disk and USB disk. This will be like in figure.
After this

select disk 1
   // in my case USB is as disk 1

create partition primary

format fs=ntfs quick //
 Format Filesystem=NTFS quick(don’t use Quick for deep format, just use format fs=ntfs)



After this your USB drive is ready to boot any computer just another step requires.
After this, copy all the content of DVD or Windows 7 ISO extract to USB drive.

Now open the command prompt again by typing CMD in run (See more shortcuts)
Now type

O:      //o: is the path of usb drive, change it as according
Cd o:/boot

Now proceed as
Bootsect /nt60 o:

And Hit the final Enter and you are ready.

Making bootable USB of Windows 8 using CMD

You can do all the same step there in windows 7 for making a bootable Windows 8 USB. Just use the all files of Windows 8.
Similarly in %usbroot%/Boot
And run the CMD as administrator and similarly select the same directory as in windows 7
i.e. I:/boot/ and type same command in CMD
Type bootsect /nt60 I:       //I is your USB drive
And done
Just reboot your computer, enter in BIOS setup and select boot device priority as
* Network (Other)
And Tap [F10] to save and Exit.
Again Reboot your system and see setup has been started.
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