3D Motion sensor : Intelligent computing
Punch cards, keyboards, trackball, mouse, Touchpad, IR, Photo sensing, smoke sensor, touch screen. Here what people calls the input devices, i didn’t listed them all and i wont make you bore. Today i’m giving you a quick post for the Future input of the computing technology; this will not only change the style of computing but also affect the lifestyle of the people in near future. As you already seen in Iron Man 2 and all, 3D motion sensor are hot topic for the developer and electronics, so here i am going to show you something about same.

Here i am going to present you two exclusive Youtube video as the introduction for this 3D motion sensing technology, i know if i will start theory classes here you guys will get bored so let’s start with these videos

Project Natal Innovation Journey

It was really fantastic video
Have look on one more

CES 2010: Toshiba’s 3D Motion Gesture Control Demo

Lionhead Peter Molyneux Milo Demo – Xbox 360 Natal in HD!

 NEW Xbox 360 Motion Controller Project Natal HD 720p

Yes geeks, the new definition of gaming will soon spread in market and it will be common input method to save time and effort and defiantly will computing will be like Intelligent computing