Windows 7, The most loved windows by everyone on every aspect after windows XP. This version of windows is getting really popularity and user are getting expert day by day.
I already posted many trick for Windows that you can Read here.
today in this post i am going to tell you how to hide and protect a folder without any application and trick to send secrete text to your friend via image file

Trick to protect any file/folder in Windows: without any application/software

You people or say before sometime i also use to get the software like Folder protect or say Folder lock to lock the Folder/file to make it inaccessible.
But today onward you will not need any such crap for this, the magic will be done by CMD (command prompt)

Protect any folder using CMD (command prompt)

Here is trick!
You can set the permission on the file and folder by this trick, like to read write and all. For sake of safety name your folder locker
Place the folder anywhere in the directory say Desktop in my case.
Name it as locker and put all your secrete file on it and ready to lock it.
Now open CMD
(to open CMD
-[Win]+R and type cmd and hit Enter)
Now type the following command there!
Cd desktop                                        //
Cacls Locker /E /P everyone:n       Hit Enter
And you are done!
Now no one can edit/read/write/modify or delete the folder.
Want to get this back???
Again open the command prompt (CMD)
Type the following
Cd desktop
Calcls locker /P everyone:F
And you are done.
Now you can access the folder.

Trick to Hide and send secrete text file in image

Hiding the information or file by any method is called steganography and it has lots of method and i am going to tell you most unique of them.

This is another great feature that you can use in windows 7.
You can use the text file with secrete text inside it and can send to your friend and just tell them how to open it and no one else can access.
For example you have a text file name text.txt and an image file Image.jpg
You want to send this secrete text to your friend without anyone else know what’s secrete behind this.
Place the files on the desktop.
Now on desktop you have 2 files:
-text.txt (containing secrete text)
-image.jpg for external use image file
Now open up the command Prompt (Type CMD in Run or start menu)
Now run the following command
CD desktop
Copy /b image.jpg+text.txt final.jpg
Now you will see a new Image is appeared on desktop with name Final.jpg
You can send this to your friend.
To open the secrete text just tell him/her to open it with Notepad and scroll to end.
Upper part will be filled with some fragment text and symbols but at the end of the txt file you they can see actual message.