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Many of the time we stuck in the situation when we have the image of any software or say operating system but we don’t have blank CD/DVD or time to burn the same and use them. Its long, boring and classic thought.

Today after this article you will be able to run the CD/DVD content like you are using them from drive. Even you can boot the Windows or Linux or any game CD just by there image. 

No need to burn them all.

So let’s start with it.
Suppose you are on the excitement of windows 8 Preview, you got the ISO file download from Microsoft’s Website but now the problem with u is to Install Nero or burn the ISO file to a DVD and reboot the computer for this.
All you have to do is
Download It Now -Intelligent Computing

And install it
After installing the tool you can do proceed by just simple five steps.
Go to start menu and open the application
2. User interface of the Demon tool and introduction
You can see the different option to add the (virtual )drive to your computer and remove it. Adding the ISO/image to the selected drive etc.
3. Select the Add drive if there is no additional drive or one drive will automatically created. You can open and see my computer and find the new drive there.
Browse the ISO/Image file and select it and see the Play button gets activated. Click on this to Mount the Image on drive.
As you click wait for few second while drive is bee mounted and after that you will notice the autoplay dialogue appear, which usually appear when you insert the CD/DVD. And after this you can boot the CD/DVD which will work same after restarting.
After mounting this you will notice this

You will realise best in some situation and you don’t have fear of losing a CD/DVD while burning it incorrectly and you will have following advantage too.
Use this method to install windows/OS in the System having No DVD/CD drive like in notebooks. Just transfer the image from Pen drive and install this tool and Go on.