Advertisment policy

Advertisement policy
Greet to our readers, We at Intelligent computing do lots of research to provide you evergreen and ready to deploy content for your tech issues. Recently We started displayed Google ads on our Blog, We have tried to make it limited and it should not distract your reading and information that you are getting.

We are displaying our ads to support our website and technical expanses, We hope you understand us and stay with us for future and great content too.

If you feel any advertisement is relevant to what you are looking for, please you may go for it and we’ll be appreciating that, but misuse click, it may violate google’s policy of Advertisement, we do not support or agree with anything that goes beyond google’s advertisement policy.
However if you feel ads are distracting you for reading our content, please feel free to scroll down, write to us in contact form, we’ll be reverting back within 24 hour and assuring you great content at priority.

Thank you for being integral part of Intelligent computing, If you want to contribute to our Blog and wanted to share information to world, please feel free to write us and we’ll be sharing it with your do follow backlink.
Thank you readers!
Dheeraj jha

Intelligent computing

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