Use your Bluetooth Java(s40) Mobile as Remote Control

One side is there when Android is making the Mobile smarter and iOS and Windows are too using a lot of this kind of features. A simple Nokia s40 Series mobile with even Bluetooth connectivity can not do such smart work with Free software for Mobile. In today’s post i am going to tell this new thing to you.

Just Imagine you can run Windows Media player, VLC media player, Explorer, Control your mouse, use it in your PPT presentation and lots more features and for all that you don’t have to get your head down just because you are using a simple java based Nokia phone which having Bluetooth support but having no more uses then to send/receive files and all. So should we start?

How to use your java s40 mobile as Bluetooth Remote controll

You can have many full proof features and for all this you have to have 2 Requirements.
You have to install an application to your mobile via Nokia Suite/Nokia PC suite/Nokia Ovi suite.(Download client from here)
If you are not able to install the App from Nokia software then you have another way to Download and install the apps by visiting this site from your nokia s40 phone. Visit for Downloading this Client.
On Downloading the Apps you will get 3 files
First install the brc_40.jar file to your s40 phone.
Install BRC_setup.exe on your pc and after that
Run key.reg to convert it to full version.

Control your Computer by your Bluetooth enabled java s40 mobile: Intelligent Computing

Now start the Application in phone and computer as well making sure both device have Bluetooth on and in discoverable state.
In application(in computer) menu Add the phone and do the same in phone and connect to the PC.
After that in phone you will see a list of Application like

-          Powerpoint presentation controlled by Javas40 phone

-          iTunes controls via phone

-          Mouse Controller via Phone

-          Media player Remote

-          WinAMP Remote control

-          Computer File browser(Explorer) in Mobile 

-          Powerpoint light

-          Windows Control

-          Key Maps

-          Disconnect Log in log off shutdown computer via bluetooth mobile
  • Power point selection will open a new page where you can open the powerpoint by pressing middle Key.
  • After that pressing 8 will start slide show and use the right and left key for previous and next slide navigation.
  • iTune will help you to control iTune in your computer.
  • Mouse controller will do  control your mouse and it will also make the image of your screen on the mobile so that it will be easier to use.
  • Similarly you can launch Windows Media player and control all the play pause next forward function.
  • WinAMP a popular media player will be control by winAMP selection.
  • If you just want to play and control the slide show you can simply choose the Power point light and use your left and right arrow to do the same
  • File browser will open your My computer drive and you can use it as a File explorer.
  • Windows option will let you control volume/Lock the PC/Shout down/Reboot the computer.
  • You can find many more application inside the key map menu. Many other useful application like VLC media player Power DVD and Adobe reader will be able to control by this app.

sometime you can face low speed due to far distance so try to be within 5 meter for great performance.
In short you are doing it more smartly just by making 5 minute effort. hope you all like this post, comment your feedback.

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  1. Wow, nice post, there are many person searching about that now they will find enough resources by your post. Thank you for sharing to us. Please one more post about that..singapore budget hotels

    1. Thanx david for your word. as i have posted about application for Nokia also i will soon add the application for Sony Ericsson and Motorola. stay in touch :)

  2. Nice information . This bluetooth tricks helps to me for making paper presentation in my college.

  3. iTune will help you to control iTune in your computer.coques iphone 4

    1. Yeah true, even all the smartphones are having such features to work as input for computer, but the topic i covered is basically for s40 mobiles

  4. v.nice post,do u hv any app or software using which I can turn my S40(Nokia 5200) phone into a Webcam????
    thanx in advance.

  5. Thanks AMOL Palav, we'll try to give your demand full fill, share our post if you wish it worth sharing... :)

  6. you guys are genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank You


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